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Glorious Sunset

Glorious Sunset Drinking in the hues I admire the scorching sun, Nature’s magician ___________________________ Written for Haiku Horizons – Drink ___________________________ Also connecting this with: Weekly Photo Challenge – Magic, Daily Prompt: Scorched, Through My Lens, Saturday Snapshot, Nature Notes, Thursday’s Special: Calm, 52 week challenge – wild, Scenic Weekends, Blue Monday Advertisements

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Timpi – #WordHighJuly

Picture shot from the flight, when it was about to land in Mumbai, India. Timpi – #WordHighJuly The distance between us, Is like a punishment… As the day of our meeting arrives, It brings in a sense of excitement… And once I see the destination approach, It gets difficult to stay calm, inside the flight’s closed… Continue reading Timpi – #WordHighJuly

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Is it my reflection Or someone else… Is it my perception Or something else… Is it the reality Or my imagination… Gazing at you in awe, I wonder… Will you ever tell me the truth, Oh, my dear mirror! __________________ Connecting with: Thursday Special – Mirroring, Daily Post – Awe

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Romance – Acrostic Poetry

ROMANCE Rule out any doubts, if you have, Oh my love… My intentions are crystal clear Absolutely spellbound by you Never did I doubt, I want to be with you Completely enthralled, you held me captivated Ever since I was with you …… Taj Mahal, also known as the epitome of love, was constructed by… Continue reading Romance – Acrostic Poetry

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Lipstick Addict Poetry – #AtoZChallenge

Like ‘Book Spine Poetry‘, where you come up with a poetry based on the titles of the books you own, I thought why not do the same thing with the names of the Lipsticks I own. I am not sure if its already out there, but I have decided to name it as ‘Lipstick Addict Poetry’ … Continue reading Lipstick Addict Poetry – #AtoZChallenge