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Trapped in the clutches
Of wrong desires
I got stuck, neck deep,
In my own lies…
But you didn’t stop me,
You didn’t hold me back,
Instead you encouraged me,
Pushing me further,
Deep, towards this dark path…

But, now when I look back,
I realize,
I have nothing left behind…
And, I really don’t know
How to get back…


Written for: Mindlovemiserysmenagerie: PhotoChallenge #120 where we had to use the above image as inspiration for poem or short story.

Featured Image: Alessio Albi


27 thoughts on “Trapped

      1. Ya, had taken a break… I am doing good.. How are you doing..Shall hop over to your blog soon…Currently just catching up with what I have been missing … 🙂
        Thank you 🙂


    1. Hi Paula..Hope you had a great trip.. Yes, I couldn’t publish much as I am suffering from frozen shoulder. So currently staying away from doing any sort of typing. Will be back next week, hopefully 🙂
      Thanks Paula 🙂


      1. I would ask you how you got your frozen shoulder, but I don’t want you to type. Do what feels best for you until the pain goes away, and if possible keep it covered and far from air cons.

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      2. True Paula. The doc here told me, that frozen shoulder is common for software professionals (mainly due to long hours of working which leads to straining of neck and shoulder muscles and also wrong posture) ….

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  1. Wow, this is a fantastic poem Srivi! I missed this one somehow, however didn’t see any posts from you here or on instagram so thought I would drop in and check. Hope everything is okay, hope to hear from you soon. ☺️👍

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  2. Wonderful

    By the way
    There is always a way
    You just have to look for it
    If at all if going back to what it is
    Is what you desire you will get there
    Whatever it takes you will always get there

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