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Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirror 3

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Is it my reflection
Or someone else…

Is it my perception
Or something else…

Is it the reality
Or my imagination…

Gazing at you in awe,
I wonder…
Will you ever tell me the truth,
Oh, my dear mirror!


Connecting with: Thursday Special – Mirroring, Daily Post – Awe


19 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror on the wall

  1. There is X+iY to you.
    There is a real part of you and the imaginary part of you.
    Mirror will always be showing the imaginary part !
    It can never be the real you

    If you remember Harry Potter staring into the mirror in part 2 or something, you will Dumbledore says that mirror had spoiled a lot of lifes!

    Your reality is much more than your imaginary part I believe.

    By the way nice composition !

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    1. Wow Bhanu! Really liked the comment. I am sure the mirror would be wonderstruck with this comment. A very scientific and equally subtle way to explain the theory. Thank you for such a lovely comment 😀

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