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Obsession – #AtoZChallenge

Shopping Obsession

A girl’s closet is like a mini wonderland
Where few shelves  are crammed filled with shoes, bags, belts, accessories, perfume and makeup
Rest is normally filled up with various dresses
Dresses ranging from ethnic wear to western outfits
Formal wear to informal outfits
Few ‘I might fit in to these someday!’ outfits
Other few ‘Oh! It was on sale the other day!’ outfits
Few ‘I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it’ outfits
Other few ‘These are just so good! I had to have them’ outfits
Few ‘These are out of trend’ outfits
Other few ‘You never know, I might need it someday’ outfits….
But no….
This does not mean a girl is obsessed with clothes, bags, accessories or makeup…
Neither does it mean she is obsessed with shopping either….
Its just that apart from being impulsive at times, 
She likes to shop keeping her future in mind 😉


This was my fifteenth entry for the A to Z Challenge for 2016:  O for Obsession!

Happy blogging 🙂

Also connecting with the Daily Post – Prompt ‘Closet’


Image Source: Pixabay


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16 thoughts on “Obsession – #AtoZChallenge

  1. Haha. . What a Obsessive post! I like your ‘few’ categories of excuses you made on outfits. I can relate this to my sister and mother when they spend like hours for shopping and finally come with things like ‘They said new stock will arrive tomorrow’, but I still see three to four dresses already in their hands. . It is just natural when it comes to shopping. . Nice post.

    Have a good time Srivi. 🙂


  2. nothing like a little retail therapy to keep our closets full – finding balance is the key (an occasional impulsive treat and an occasional walking away and leaving it in the shop!)


  3. very clever, creative description of a woman’s closet! I have tons of “‘I might fit in to these someday!’’ HAHAHA. Now I give up and just give them up. HAHA

    Great take! Love the last line, too!


  4. This is so me Srivi! You have described a girl’s wardrobe just perfect! ‘I might fit into these one day’, to ‘You never know I might need it someday’ to ‘What was I thinking when I bought these’!!!
    You’re a wonder woman who knows what goes in the mind of every woman!



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