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Joy – #AtoZChallenge


Joy is the day when exams used to get over
Joy is meeting family after few years
Joy is going for a drive after dinner
Joy is getting an empty seat in an over-crowded bus
Joy is having tea while watching sunset
Joy is getting the limited edition lipstick on sale
Joy is meeting an old friend after a long time
Joy is reading a novel with a cup of coffee without any disturbance
Joy is spending Friday nights watching a nice movie having ice cream
And finally….
Joy is interacting with lovely people like you out here, every single day 🙂

I guess its always the little things in life which gives us joy and I am no different!


This was my tenth entry for the A to Z Challenge for 2016:  J for Joy!

Happy blogging 🙂



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38 thoughts on “Joy – #AtoZChallenge

  1. Wow Srivi. . This post made me feel joyful. . Very true. . Joy is in enjoying little things of life with big smile. . And Tea ❤ ( I am addicted to it). And last point you have mentioned is really touching. . Thanks. .

    Have a good time. . 🙂

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  2. Some very beautiful thoughts on the meaning of joy 🙂 Thank you. For me right now it’s getting through the A to Z. So many posts this year I’m trying to follow. Makes for a very busy blog day, plus keeping up my own. But in for the Long Haul nonetheless.

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