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Graveyard – #AtoZChallenge

HorrorIn the middle of the night my car broke down….
With my phone dead and no one around, I thought to venture out….
Walking in complete darkness I heard some sound….
Brushing it off as my imagination I moved on….


I tripped on something as I continued to walk…
Gripping my hand someone helped me escape the fall….
Relieved to have a company I thanked that person for the help …..
But hearing no response made me a little restless…..
Feeling a little weird I tried to loosen the grip….
But instead the grip tightened making my insides flip….
Sweating profusely I tried to speak aloud….
But my voice betrayed me and I completely choked out….


Suddenly a lightning struck and I saw an arm dangling around my hand…
Freaking out, I heard shrill sounds of laughter all around….
Singing in unison the voices echoed,
“Welcome to the graveyard” is all I heard before I passed out…..



This was my seventh entry for the A to Z Challenge for 2016:  G for Graveyard!

Happy blogging 🙂



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43 thoughts on “Graveyard – #AtoZChallenge

  1. Wow! Beautiful I mean scary! I am glad that today is not Friday the 13th..

    Very well written.. Just wanted to know what happened after you passes out! Hahha.. 😉

    I can’t control my curiousness when I read half stories.. Haha 😉

    Very nice post Srivi.. Have a good time.. 🙂

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  2. There was an old Unsolved Mysteries story about a man in the 1939 who meet a woman at a party. She asked him to drop her off near the graveyard, which he thought was strange, so he did. The next day he wanted to see her, and remembered the street she said she lived on, so he stopped by. Her mother freaked out when he mentioned her name, and said her daughter had died five years earlier. The mom thought this man was playing a cruel joke, but the man insists he had never heard of this woman’s name before, and he did meet her at the dance. Your poem reminded me of this story.

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