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Developer & Tester – #AtoZChallenge

Developer and Tester

Developer and Tester are like Tom and Jerry
Can’t live together but can’t live without each other….
Developer talks about coding, logic, source code, maintenance
Tester talks about requirements, defects, process, performance


Developer thinks tester’s life is easy
While tester curses developer for not coding properly
Developer thinks tester knows only to break the product
While tester thinks developer does not understand the client’s requirement


When Tester raises a major defect
Developer rejects saying it to be an invalid defect….
Ensuing a mini tussle between the two,
The developer claims: ‘Come on… it works in my system’
While the Tester says: ‘I cannot trust a developer’s system’…..


Tester tries to find more and more defects to improve the quality
While Developer thinks of ways to get rid of the enemy….
This battle of love and hate will continue for ever and ever 
Till the time Software Industry has the concept of Developer and Tester! 

Well, I have just taken a scenario and its not that they always end up fighting, but mainly when the deadline for the project is nearing, the pressure builds up and these fights increases.. Sometimes leading to hilarious moments and sometimes leading to serious issues. But at the end of the day it all does get sorted out 🙂

P.S.: If you are from the Software Industry, then you know what I am talking about, but if not then here goes a very basic idea of what a Developer and a Tester are….

Software Developer: One who creates a software/ product based on the requirement given by the client!

Tester/ QA Engineer/ Software Tester: One who verifies the quality of the software/ product based on the requirement given by the client! While verifying if a problem is observed then tester raises a defect or a bug.


This was my fourth entry for the A to Z Challenge for 2016:  D for Developers & Testers!

Happy blogging 🙂



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35 thoughts on “Developer & Tester – #AtoZChallenge

  1. Wow. . What a comparison. . Tom & Jerry. . Beautiful analogy. Very true, Developers and testers share a bond which is unbreakable. This bond if good is helpful for the good quality of product.

    Nice creativity. Love the minions. .

    Have a good time.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello,

    Here from the A-Z and not an techie. Your poem is brilliant and a metaphor for many other life/work/work-life situations 🙂 well done on D.

    Best wishes,


  3. This post came as a suggestion under my own post on the same topic. You’re absolutely right. Developer and tester are like Tom and Jerry. Your poem is superb. Just curious, are you a tester? Cuz as a developer myself, it seem like it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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