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Body Shaming: #AtoZchallenge

Body ShamingIf I am fat, you say: “Oh My God! She is so fat!”
If I am skinny, you say: “Oh My God! She is so skinny, might be anorexic!”
If I am neither fat nor skinny, you say: “Oh My God! She looks so weird!”
If I have acne, you say: “Oh My God! Eww… acne, someone please save her!”
If I am too tall or too short, you say: “Oh My God! Look at that height!”
If I walk in a particular way, you say: “Oh My God! Her walk is so funny as if she has slept with four men at a time!”
But exactly why do you say such things?


Reason being simple…..
You just want to laugh at someone, You feel good criticizing someone!
But have you ever thought about the person you just criticized?
It shatters that person breaking them into pieces
Those nasty comments staying with them forever
Making them hate their own body….
Hating their own self, doubting their own being
Sometimes leading them to take drastic steps as well….
So please …
Stop body shaming, It’s not funny!


Mostly all of us have been a victim of body shaming either directly or indirectly and it hurts…hurts very badly! Body Shaming is not gender specific, it is not just limited to only women. It happens even with men!

High time we stop doing it! If you find something awkward about a person and if you want to help them out genuinely, then tell them in a subtle manner else just keep your opinion to yourself. Because just remember one thing, none of us are perfect!


This was my second entry for the A to Z Challenge for 2016:  B for Body Shaming!

Happy blogging 🙂



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48 thoughts on “Body Shaming: #AtoZchallenge

  1. Would you believe, I chose the same topic too, but projected in a different way!

    What it feels to be Rejected ! –http://wp.me/p3NR8n-F4

    I think this Body Shaming will continue forever with humans. What u think ?

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  2. Srivi, Women as a whole suffer from poor self-esteem, but it’s up to each one to find her inner lion and step away from the sheep. She needs to be happy for herself, she needs to be beautiful for herself, she needs to be strong for herself, she needs to be confident and then the world will see her shine. God created every woman with unique qualities. It took me many years to find my inner strength before I could love and accept myself. The things I can’t change about myself I am now happy with and the things I can change I change because that makes me happy. I do not compare my image with another because I know no two women are alike and we can’t fit our body type to be an identical of a different one. There is beauty in all, you just have to open your eyes to see it. Very good post!

    Curious as a Cathy
    All Things Vintage: Bomber Girls #AprilA2Z

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    1. You have put it across brilliantly Cathy! You are absolutely right in pointing out that no two women or for that matter no two human beings are alike. The sooner we accept it, the more easier it becomes for ourselves!

      Thank you Cathy for this wonderful comment 🙂

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  3. Body Shaming has been ruining so many lives that it is high time we raised awareness about it. A very sensitively written post that touched a chord because I could feel my own thoughts echo in your words.
    Keep up the fantastic work & best wishes for the A to Z Challenge!

    My Era @theerailivedin
    The Era I Lived In

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    1. I can understand and I am so sorry to hear that! People just pass a comment and move on, but it takes quite a long time for us to actually come out of it…

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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  4. This makes my heart hurt to read – it is an issue that is so prevalent in our society these days that it is considered normal and accepted to such a great degree! There is beauty in every shape and size, and being HEALTHY in mind and body is so much more important than the little features that make each and every one of use unique. Thank you for sharing…this message is important and needs to be heard.

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  5. wow ! what a powerful post 🙂 hugs to you ! a very honest post and I loved reading this post. I remember a beautiful young lady in her 30’s telling me- that she was told by one of her family member, that she was born ugly and this person lived with that lie for so many years. we must never criticize persons if we have no intentions to help is what I believe..

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  6. I often worry about young kids today. We have become so focused on weight and obesity as a problem, I can’t imagine it doesn’t feel personal to some kids. I wish we could jut focus on health and stop measuring.

    I have battled my own lack of body confidence my whole life. And I know my boys feel just as self-conscious at times. You’re right, it’s not just women.

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    1. Kids due to naivety often do not want to understand and focus on health, but instead just want to be just good looking. To be honest even I wanted to just look good as a kid few years back without thinking much about my health!
      But hope there is more awareness about it and we stop being self-concision about our own selves!


  7. Oh yeah. This is one of my demons, right there. I body shame myself on a constant basis. Others have done such a good job of it that I don’t need them anymore. I can do it myself. Stopping is a work in progress. I just posted on a forum, on a post where someone was shaming men who wear man buns. It bothered me for days, and today I finally responded. This is not OK. We’ve all got better things to do.

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  8. How old are you, Srivi? I know you work in software business, so you must be in mid-twenties. Your interest in adolescent psychology is incredible. I know this is a serious subject, but your clever and witty wordiness made me chuckle (sorry :D) .. with four men at a time 😆

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    1. 🙂 I am in my late (quite late)..last stage of twenties actually…29 😉

      This topic is more of a personal experience sorts, it was hurtful initially but now when I think about it, it just makes me smile.. 🙂

      Thank you so much Paula, I am so glad you liked it 😀


  9. Yes, this post almost made me cry. I am no victim of bullying, but now I gained, and keep on gaining weight. My friends, my high school friends, almost always make jokes about my weight. I smile, and laugh with them but yeah, sometimes it actually hurt already.

    You have written a great poem, Era! Powerful and truthful. It touched me. 🙂

    @rosemawrites from
    A Reading Writer

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