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#ThatDay you made us win…

A poem dedicated to the last three balls of the thrilling 1 run win India had against Bangladesh in the ongoing T20 Cricket World Cup. Of course it was the entire team’s effort which lead us to the victory (superb bowling and fielding effort) but Dhoni being my favorite, I cannot help but be a little biased 🙂


That day if you had lost hope

We would have lost the match

With three balls and two runs to make by the opposition

We knew a defeat was waiting right there…


But you being our captain cool

Didn’t give up even then

Instead took us through a roller coaster ride

Of crazy moments….


At the fourth and fifth ball of the last over,

Two wickets were taken

Still we could not rejoice

As anything could happen


Then before the last ball of the final over

You had a discussion with the team members…

Taking off your right hand glove

You were ready to face the outcome like a tiger


Once the batsmen missed the ball

You caught it and instead of a throw

You leaped towards the stump like a leopard

Paving way for a run-out in an instant


Though you were sure that the batsmen was out

Still you did not celebrate

Waiting for the decision from the third umpire

You almost gave us a heart attack


After surviving through this crazy match

I just wanted to thank you Dhoni

For being our captain cool and making the entire nation believe

That we should never lose hope!

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P.S: Though I love cricket, I am not an expert at it! So if I have gone wrong somewhere, you are most welcome to correct me 🙂


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