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Bura na mano..Holi Hai!

Holi Hai Bhai Holi Hai…Bura Na Mano….. Holi Hai…. 😛
(Means..Don’t be offended, its Holi)

Till date, whenever I think of Holi, these are the first few words which linger in my mind. God knows how many times I would have shouted these lines while applying colors on my friends!


Holi, the ‘Festival of Colors‘ has been my favorite festival since childhood! Celebrated during the month of March, this festival never has a fixed date as it depends on the first full moon day in that month. But March also meant our final exam time in school. We literally used to hope every year that our exams get over before Holi. But exams or no exams, we would still play, even if that meant convincing (read begging) our parents!

One day prior to Holi is the full moon day when we celebrate Holika Dehan. In the evening, the bonfires are lit to celebrate the victory of good over evil. So on the day of Holika Dehan, we kids used to organize the entire event by collecting money from each house in our street, buying some colors (gulaal) and sweets, informing the elders what time they need to assemble in the evening and prepare the bonfire with the sticks which we would have been collecting from several months. Once the bonfire was lit and sweets were distributed, we used to apply little color (gulaal) on each other’s face marking the beginning of the festivity. Sometimes we even conducted games depending on our budget!

Next morning that is on the day of Holi, my mother would smear my body, hair, face with tonnes of oil so that it would act as a barrier for the different types of color people would apply. Later all the kids dressed in one of their old clothes (mostly white) used to come out loaded with a pichkari  (color guns of different shapes and sizes filled with colored water) and gulaal (dry colors). Once out, there was no way to stop us!

An old picture of my baby brother after playing holi….

We used to have fights with the kids of different streets, mostly balloon fights (where you fill colored water in a balloon and hit it). Sometimes it used to hit real hard..Ouch!! Of course there was never a clear winner as we didn’t even know what was the basis of our fight 🙂 By the time we used to get back home, which meant late in the afternoon, we used to end up looking so colorful that it would be hard to recognize our own faces! Once one of my friend’s mother refused to let him in the house because she could not recognize him 😛 It took him quite some time to convince her!

Being the kind to never miss celebrating holi even once, I suffered a huge setback once I started working as I didn’t even get a holiday for Holi. Once I figured out that this situation would never change (Sigh!!), I started to squeeze out time and play a mini ‘dry‘ Holi with my friends and family while listening to all the Bollywood Holi songs in TV or radio. But I really hope that this year things would be different 🙂

How do you celebrate/ celebrated Holi? Do let me know…..

I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.


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