Photo Challenge · Thursday Special

Thursday’s Special: Urban Art

This week’s theme for Thursday Special is ‘Urban Art’. Today I have two contrasting photos, one which is very ethnic and the other which is an abstract mural. Let me know your thoughts about them!

Urban Art_2
Urban Art
Urban Art_1
Ethnic styled art

Happy Thursday!


10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Urban Art

  1. Thank you for your kind comment about my farewell post to Sally. Is is missed so much. I will be carrying on with Blue Monday in Sally’s honor. She asked if I would and it will be a bit of a challenge but i wil get it done by next Monday. Please join in.

    Your urban art is lovely. The women in their crowns really made me smile. The village scene is very nice as well.

    Have a wonderful week.

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    1. I would be glad to continue taking part in the Blue Monday meme. Thanks for continuing it 🙂
      Thanks Jeanne for the lovely words 🙂 You too have a wonderful week!


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